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This page is a list of songs released or performed live by Adele either on her own albums or from releases from other artists.


Studio albums

19 (2008)

Released: January 28, 2008

Promotional singles

21 (2011)

Released: January 19, 2011


25 (2015)

Adele 25
Released: November 20, 2015


Extended plays

iTunes Live from SoHo (2009)

600px-ITunes Live from SoHo (ADELE)
Released: February 3, 2009


iTunes Festival: London 2011 (2011)

ITunes Festival London 2011 (ADELE)
Released: July 13, 2011


Live album

Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)

Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall Cover
Released: November 25, 2011


Non-album songs

Adele - Skyfall (Cover) "Skyfall" (Skyfall, 2012)
Ricsta feat. Adele - Be Divine "Be Divine" (Ricsta feat. Adele, 2006)

Other appearances

Matinée (2007) by Jack Peñate
Jack-penate-matinee-cd-cover "My Yvonne" (feat. Adele)
Love and War (2009) by Daniel Merriweather
41X5kLkDdzL SS500 "Water and a Flame" (feat. Adele)
Everything Is New (2009) by Jack Peñate
JACKPE~1 "Every Glance" (feat. Adele)

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