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Cameron Evans is the half-brother of British singer and songwriter Adele and the son of Mark Evans. While not much is known about him, it is said that Adele is still very close with Cameron, who lives with his father's former longterm girlfriend in Llantwit Major, south Wales. [1] Supposedly Adele had not seen him for more than a decade, and her stardom brought her back into contact with Cameron, as well as her father before she had another falling out with him. Adele says that Cameron and her both look a lot like their father, and that they rekindled their relationship for the first time the day after Boxing Day, and Cameron ended up coming to her gig in January of 2008. [2] Cameron is a kind loving boy who loves his study's and doesn't need the stress of the press all because of who he is related to I live in the same street as Cameron and he is a very kind nice young man so leave the poor man alone and let him be the person he wants to be not who the press want Him to be - former neighbor of Llantwit major

When asked about him, Adele said:

He looks like my twin. We're identical, same hair and everything. It's bizarre growing up in a completely different city but then, when you see each other, it's as if you've spent every day of your lives together. Straight away I'm bullying him. Straight away he's like, 'You fuck off'. It's amazing, immediate. He's lovely. Really shy, which is the only difference. [3]


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