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Angelo James Konecki
Birth Name Angelo James Konecki
Born October 19, 2012

Angelo James Konecki[1] is the offspring of Adele and Simon Konecki. His name was supposedly confirmed to be Angelo after Adele was spotted wearing a necklace bearing the name.  On June 29th, 2012, Adele confirmed her pregnancy, and it was later confirmed that Adele had already been almost seven months pregnant when she announced the news. [2][3] On October 20th, 2012, it was reported that Adele had given birth to a baby boy the previous week, although her spokesperson would not comment on whether it was true or not. [4] More reports stated that they had received the same information and that the baby had been born on Friday, October 19, 2012 somewhere in the UK. When Adele made her comeback to the public at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013, she confirmed her son's birth as well as stating her plans to keep the child's name private for the time being, due to it being "personal" for her. [5] A few days later, however, she did confirm that she has affectionately given him the nickname "Little Peanut". [6] (That same day, reports started going around claiming that his name was Angelo.) After winning the award for Best Original Song at the Awards the same night, Adele thanked her three-month-old son.


After rumors that Adele had given birth hit the media, people began questioning whether or not Adele would make an official statement regarding the child's name. Finally, in late January 2013, just three months after the birth of the child, Adele was asked about the name of the child. Although she stated she wasn't revealing it at the time and that it was "personal" for her, a few days later, she wore a necklace bearing the child's name - Angelo. A source close to the singer later confirmed that this was the child's name and that his full name is Angelo James Konecki. Adele apparently also highly considered naming the child "John" after her paternal grandfather, whom she was extremely close to. [7]


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