Dan Wilson
Birth name
Daniel Dodd Wilson
May 20, 1961
Birth place
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Folk rock, country, alternative rock
Musician, songwriter, producer
Vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums, pump organ
Ballroom Music

Daniel Dodd "Dan" Wilson (born May 20, 1961 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, Grammy-winning songwriter and producer. He is both a solo artist and the lead singer of the band Semisonic. He is responsible for writing three of the songs off of Adele's chart-topping sophomore album 21. He also played piano on the track "Someone Like You" from the album.

Although he was reported to be working with Adele for her third studio album, 25, he was not involved with any material included in the final product.

Work with AdeleEdit

Dan Wilson has helped to write three songs for Adele and produced one.

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