Daniel Merriweather
Daniel Merriweather
Birth name
Daniel Paul Merriweather
February 17, 1982
Birth place
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
R&B, neo-soul, acid jazz, blue-eyed soul
Singer-songwriter, composer, record producer
Vocals, piano, guitar, sampler, keyboards
Marlin, J, Allido, RCA, Universal

Daniel Paul Merriweather (born 17 February 1982) is an Australian R&B recording artist.

Merriweather collaborated with Adele on "Water and a Flame," which was featured on his debut studio album Love & War, released in 2009. Their collaboration was the subject of controversy when Celine Dion decided to cover the song for her 2013 album, Loved Me Back to Life. The album was originally intended to be titled Water and a Flame; however, after Merriweather accused Dion of failing to give him credit for the song, she issued an apology and later changed the album title.

Adele met one of her touring guitarists, Tim Van Der Kuil, through Merriweather.

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