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Derrick Wright

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Derrick Wright

Birth Name Derrick Wright
Born Unknown
Occupations Plays drums for Adele
Instruments Drums
Albums Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Derrick Wright plays drums for Adele. He was featured on her Adele Live tour. He has also appeared with her at several live televised performances playing drums for her. In the music video for Adele's single "Rolling in the Deep", there is a drummer that briefly appears in the video and was speculated to be him by some fans but was confirmed not to be him judging by the drummers' two different skin colors. [1]


Wright briefly discusses touring with Adele and some of his early influences:

DDRUM NAMM 2012 Derrick Wright plays drums for Adele02:08

DDRUM NAMM 2012 Derrick Wright plays drums for Adele


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