“Devil On My Shoulder”
Song by Adele
Adele Adkins, Greg Wells

"Devil On My Shoulder" is a song written by Adele and Greg Wells.[1] The song is a cut song from 21. It was one of two songs written by Adele and Greg Wells, the other being "One and Only."

In January 2014, however, some publications misinterpreted the appearance of the song on the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers' (ASCAP) website and believed it to be a new song from Adele's third studio album.[2][3] It was later confirmed to be a rejected song from 21.

In October 2016, Greg Wells tweeted that he was listening to the song, which he described as "crazy fun" and "so good,"[4] implying that the recording still exists and could be released at a later date.