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Doreen Adkins
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Birth Name Doreen Adkins
Born 1943
Relationship With Adele Grandmother

Doreen Adkins (nee Brooks) (also called "Nana" by her granddaughter) is the grandmother of Adele, mother of Penny Adkins and Anita Adkins, and spouse of John Adkins. Adkins was mentioned in Adele's thank-yous on her debut album, 19. Doreen has lived in a small home in Tottenham, North London, for 30 years. Doreen has 14 grandkids. She has recently stated:

We threw Adele's mum out when she was 18. That's what we did with all the kids. They had to make their own way in life. My kids, they all work. The whole family have got jobs. You have got to get on and it hasn't done any of them any harm.

She has also stated how proud she is of Penny and Adele both. She's admitted that she does not expect special treatment for being the grandmother of Adele, but she is sad to say that she has not seen Adele for a year. Doreen still remains incredibly close with Penny, though, stating she always visits, takes her shopping, and runs her to her appointments. Doreen still shares a long-lasting and beautiful relationship with her granddaughter, though, even though she is so far away.


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