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First Demo

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Released Unreleased
Length Unknown
Producers None
Label XL Recordings
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Adele's first demo was a demo recorded for a school project while she attended the BRIT School which she later gave to XL Recordings when they became interested in signing her for a record deal. The demo included four tracks that were all included on her first studio album once she was signed by XL, "Daydreamer", "My Same", and "Hometown Glory" (two versions of "My Same" were featured on the demo). Although she originally intended to release the demo as her first release, XL stated that they did not want her first release to be an EP, causing her to begin work on her debut album, 19. All three of the songs for the demo made the final cut, and "Hometown Glory" went on to be released as her first official single. [1]

The demos for "My Same" and "Daydreamer" have since made it onto the Internet. [2] It has also been confirmed that the demo consisted of four songs, including an alternate jazz version of "My Same". [3]

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