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Haunted Skies (song)

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"Haunted Skies"
Song by Adele
Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth
Paul Epworth

"Haunted Skies" is a song co-written by Adele and Paul Epworth that was originally intended to be released on her album 21, before it was cut from the record for unknown reasons.

A popular conspiracy among fans was that "Haunted Skies" was too similar thematically to the Ryan Tedder-produced "Turning Tables", which even featured the line, "Under haunted skies, I see you." Some even believed "Haunted Skies" was an earlier version of "Turning Tables"; however, Tedder co-wrote and produced "Turning Tables", while Epworth co-wrote and produced "Haunted Skies", invalidating these claims. A similar controversy was brought up with the song "Saviour", another unreleased track whose title was also a lyric used in "Turning Tables", and "Waiting for You", whose title bears lyrics from "I'll Be Waiting."

"Haunted Skies" was a last-minute cut, as it was originally placed as the album's sixth track, preceding "Rolling in the Deep."


  • EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.
  • Universal Songs of Polygram International, Inc.


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