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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Birth Name Mark Evans
Born Unknown, currently age 51
Relationship With Adele Father

Mark Evans is the father of Adele Adkins, ex-boyfriend of Penny Adkins, and son of John and Rose Evans. He had left Penny and Adele when Adele was only three-years-old. Evans is currently a 51-year-old plumber living in Cardiff, UK. Evans has confirmed that Adele has completely shut him out of her life. Their estranged relationship, which Adele seldom mentions, is supposedly due to him leaving her and her mother when she was only three and driving himself to alcoholism. [1] Apparently he feels hurt by her shutting him out of his life and wants to be able to spend time with his grandson, Angelo. He further admitted that the only way he finds out anything about Adele (including her pregnancy, the name of her child, and her current relationship) is through the press, something which Adele disagrees with; she has admitted to being disgusted by him selling stories about her to the press and said that if he really loved her, he wouldn't have told her it through a news article.

In 2013, Mark revealed that he was battling bowel cancer (the same cancer that caused his father to die) and feared that he would die before he was able to rekindle his relationship with Adele and get to meet his grandson. [2] However, they reportedly patched up during the making of Adele's third studio album, 25. [3]


Not much is known about Mark's early life, but it is known that his father's name was John, and the two had a very close relationship.

Mark claims to have met Penny Adkins in a pub in 1987. Mark recalled it as "love at first sight." At the time, Penny had been an art student. The two instantly fell in
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Mark with Adele when she was a little girl.

love and soon after moved in together. Within a few months, Penny had become pregnant with Adele. Penny gave birth to Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, North London. Soon after her birth, Mark asked Penny to marry him, although Penny refused, stating that they were too young. Mark had wanted Adele to be named Blue, and even though she ended up being named "Adele", Blue was still part of her name, and Mark still always thought of her as "Blue." Mark recalled also lying on the sofa with Adele all night, listening to Ella Fitgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, and Nina Simone. He wanted her named Blue because she reminded him of the music he loved - the blues. [4]

When Adele was only three, Mark and Penny had split, and Mark had left them forever. Adele now claims that she never knew her father, and that he had "no fuckin' right to talk about me." This may not be true, however, and may simply be something she cannot remember, as the two had been seen pictured together shortly before the split (see above picture). Adele still appeared to be tremendously close with one of her biggest role models, her grandfather, John. However, when Adele was only 11, John died from bowel cancer at the age of 57, breaking the hearts of both Mark and Adele. As Adele approached her teen years, Mark became more and more distant with her, and developed an addiction to alcohol after the death of his father. Mark said that his addiction had been so bad that he had "made Oliver Reed look like a teetotaller." [4]

By the time 19, Adele's debut studio album, was released, Mark had taken control of his drinking problem and attempted to turn his life around. He claimed that he was trying to rekindle his relationship with Adele, and that they had even shared a drink a few nights before she had left to go on her Adele Live tour. Adele denied this, and after Mark's story was released, another one appeared, and a reporter had ambushed Adele's grandmother (it is assumed to have been Mark's mother, Rose, but it could have been Penny's mother, Doreen) to get it. This caused Adele to begin drinking again. [5] Adele has recently stated that if she ever saw her father again she would "spit in his face". [6]

In 2013, Mark revealed he was battling bowel cancer. The making of 25 was, however, a turning point. During the production they reportedly patched up, and Mark called the feud a "misunderstanding." [3]


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