"Never Tear Us Apart"
Song by Adele
Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence
Rick Rubin

"Never Tear Us Apart" is a 1988 song by Australian rock group INXS. It was included on the band's sixth studio album, Kick. Adele originally recorded the song for her sophomore album, 21, but the release was scrapped in favor of a cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" after her vocals on "Never Tear Us Apart" were deemed "unconvincing."[1] She has stated on numerous occasions that the song is "probably my fave song of all time."[2] Talking about the initial decision to record the song, Adele said:

It's my favorite song ever. First song I learned to play. I was going to do it [on 21]. We did it, and I was gutted because my vocal was so unconvincing. I'm not as tuned in with that song as I always felt I was. I still play it to myself.[1]

Rick Rubin was supposed to produce the track; he produced the song's replacement, "Lovesong."[3] The song was thought to be re-recorded for Adele's third studio album, 25, but was either rejected or never re-recorded.


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