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Adele's official website is an official online database dedicated to British pop singer Adele. It was founded in January of 2008. Its URL is:


19 era (2008 - 2009)Edit


Adele’s website is a dark gray with a video section in the header that is not typical. The video plays behind the title of the site, and there is a video selector that allows the user to choose between six different options. Below the header the site uses a two-column blog layout. The blog post headlines use white capital letters that stand out, and blog posts actually link back to Adele’s blog on MySpace. [1]


21 era (2010 - 2015) Edit

25 era (2015 - present) Edit

For the 25 design, the domain changed from .tv to .com.

21 Days of AdeleEdit

In honor of the release of Adele's sophomore album 21, the website hosted a promotional feature known as 21 Days of Adele'.' Begun 21 days before the release of the album, every day a different feature was posted. This included new videos, exclusive giveaways and images, and a special track-by-track interview in which Adele spoke about the meaning(s) behind each of the album's tracks.


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