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Adele's official website is an official online database dedicated to British pop singer Adele. The official date it was founded is unknown, but it was founded in January of 2008. It's URL is:


The website also includes several features listed below:

  • Biography of Adele
  • Blog posts (written by Adele herself)
  • News
  • A store to buy the latest Adele merchandise
  • A forum
  • Videos
  • Updates on where she is performing live
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Other links

21 Days of AdeleEdit

In honor of the release of Adele's sophomore album 21, the website hosted a promotional feature known as 21 Days of Adele. Begun 21 days before the release of the album, every day a different feature was posted. This included new videos, exclusive giveaways and images, and a special track-by-track interview in which Adele spoke about the meaning(s) behind each of the album's tracks.

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