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Penny Adkins is the mother of Adele, daughter of John and Doreen Adkins, younger sister of Anita Adkins, and the ex-girlfriend of Mark Evans. Adele's cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" was dedicated to her. [1] Although her daughter had become busy in 2011 with her Adele Live tour, Penny was present at the New York City show, and even blew kisses to her daughter after she performed "Lovesong" to her. [2] Adele and her mother had developed a very close relationship, especially after Mark had left them when Adele was only three. She has described her mother as a "hippie mum." [3][4]

Penny has also was the inspiration for a tattoo Adele has on her left wrist, which is in the shape of a penny (making reference to her mother's name). Adele has also stated that Penny is The Cure's biggest fan, which played a role in her choosing to perform "Lovesong" on 21 in honor of her.

When Adele tours, Penny watches her dog, Louie. [5]


Not much is known about Penny's early life other than the fact that she was born to John and Doreen Adkins at an unknown date. She had several siblings, apparently, but the only known one is an elder sister named Anita. Doreen has also confessed that she "threw Penny out" at the age of 18 so they could get a sense of independence. [6] In 1987 (a year before leaving her mother), she met Mark Evans, and instantly fell in love with him. She had been an art student at the time, and soon after meeting him, the two moved in together. At the age of 18, she gave birth to Evans' daughter, Adele Adkins. Soon after her birth, Mark proposed to Penny, although she refused, repeatedly telling him they were too young. Evans did, however, continue to live with Penny and father her child. [7]

When Adele was only three years old, Mark left Adele and Penny. Adele continued to maintain a close relationship with Evans' father, John, until his death when Adele was only 11. Penny had taken up the art of furniture-making to continue to make ends meet, in addition to being a masseuse. [8] Penny and Adele shared a close relationship that was hung on to even to this day, and the split between Penny and Mark may have helped the relationship. Penny had also been one of the first to recognize Adele's musical talent, something that was not hereditary, as neither Penny or Mark had any musical talent.

When Adele went to Malibu to continue work on her second album, 21, she became homesick and missed her family and friends. She decided she would perform a cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" and add it to her second album as a dedication to her mother. She performed the song having lost her voice before the recording of the song, which added to the song's musical beauty and the sentimental meaning. Even to this day, Penny and Adele continue to maintain an incredibly close relationship. Penny also has maintained a very close relationship with her mother even to this day.


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