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Rose Evans[1] is the grandmother of Adele, mother of Mark Evans, and widow of John Evans (before he died of bowel cancer). She is very close with Adele and Penny Adkins both, being that she helped Penny raise Adele as a girl, despite her son walking out on both Penny and Adele.

Adele rushed to the hospital to visit Rose when she had a heart attack before the Brit Awards in 2012, to make sure she was alright. Adele canceled all other commitments following her grandmother's collapse in a South Wales supermarket, and apparently held a bedside vigil for Rose while she was in the hospital. "Adele was panic-stricken. It would have broken her heart to have lost her. She didn't leave her side until doctors reassured her that her gran was on the mend," a friend said. [2] Adele was able to leave and attend the Brits that night and made the night memorable by flipping off the producers of the show after they cut her off during her speech.

Rose was contacted by a magazine who wanted an exclusive on Adele in 2011; after she contacted Mark, who in turn contacted Adele, it was decided Mark and Adele would do the interview together. When Adele had to back out, Mark still did the interview, permanently damaging their relationship, with Penny even calling Mark and saying, "You shouldn't have done that." [3]

Despite this, Rose is still close with Adele and Penny. It is unknown how close she is with her son, though.


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