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Writer(s) Adele, Babalola Iyiola Babatunde Babtunde, Lewis Darren Emilio

"Run Away" is a song written by Adele, Babalola Iyiola Babatunde Babtunde, and Lewis Darren Emilio. [1] It is unreleased and was cut from either 19 or 21. Although BMI does not specify which, it is assumed to have been cut from 19, as Adele worked with primarily the same songwriters for 21, whereas there were many different ones for each track on 19. It is unknown why "Run Away" was cut, but it may be included on a future album, as she is including a previously cut track, "Never Tear Us Apart", in her upcoming album.

The song is rumored to appear on Adele's next album. [2]

Fan-made single coverEdit

A fan-made single cover was made for the song following the rumor that it would appear on Adele's third album:


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