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Saviour (song)

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Song by Adele
Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth
Paul Epworth

"Saviour" is a song written by Adele and Paul Epworth for Adele's sophomore album, 21[1] It is one of the few known cuts from any of her albums, let alone 21. It is unknown why the track was cut from the album.

"Saviour" was rumored to have been cut from the album due to its themes not fitting well with the rest of the album. Paul Epworth did speak of its title possibly being used for inspiration in some of the lyrics in "Turning Tables", but even he has remained unsure of this.

Epworth confirmed that Adele originally considered performing the song on her Adele Live tour, and that it was being considered for future records and he wouldn't be surprised to see its release at some point. [2][3]


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