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Sid Owen (born David Sutton on 12 January 1972) is an English actor, television presenter and former singer, most famous for playing the role of Ricky Butcher in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders, which he appeared in from 1988 until 2012. On 22 July 2012 Owen confirmed he had retired from acting. On 10 September 2012, it was announced that Owen would be a contestant for the tenth series of Strictly Come Dancing. Owen is a friend of Simon Konecki's, and has been for more than 20 years. [1] He is also a close friend of Adele's, reportedly. He is rumored to be one of the first choices for her newborn son's godfather, as stated by a close source to Owen. [2] Owen reportedly sent a massive bouquet, a card, and presents to Adele for the birth of her son. Adele has also confessed that she is a huge fan of EastEnders, on which he previously starred. [3] She also sent him a bouquet of flowers before a big performance on the show Strictly Come Dancing, which he currently stars on, and wished him good luck beforehand. [4]


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