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Adele has six known tattoos. Each have special meanings to her, two of them are both on her left wrist, one directly underneath the other. The third is directly above her neck, behind her right ear. The fourth and fifth tattoos are written on her left and right hands, respectively. A Rolling Stone cover story on Adele revealed that she also has a large, sixth tattoo of three doves on her back.

The One Penny tattooEdit

This tattoo is extremely special to Adele and is assumed to be her first tattoo. The tattoo is an obvious reference to her mother, Penny Adkins, whom Adele is incredibly close to. Adele has not often talked about the tattoo, but she has confirmed that it is in honor of her mother and has said that it is very special to her.

The three dotsEdit

Adele has also tattooed three dots (in a horizontal line) on her left wrist, below the One Penny tattoo. This tattoo is very special to her as well, as she got this one with Joy Williams of the music duo known as The Civil Wars, who were a featured act on various tour dates during her Adele Live tour, as well as performing as featured acts when she performed at the Royal Albert Hall during the same tour. She has talked about The Civil Wars before and said that they are very close friends of hers.

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The "A" tattooEdit

After attending the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10, 2013, Adele was spotted sporting a new tattoo behind her right ear and above her neck, with the letter "A" inscribed there. It was reported that this is in dedication of her newborn son, rumored to be named Angelo.

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The "Paradise" tattooEdit

Adele was spotted several times in New York City in June 2013, most notably out to dinner with Ryan Tedder and magician David Blaine, and at the Central Park Zoo with her son. Following this, Bang Bang Tattoos posted a picture on their Facebook page of one of the employees with Adele, who was showing off her latest tattoo. It was the word "paradise" written on her hand. Although it bears resemblance to a tattoo sported by singer Lana Del Rey. She later stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that she was unaware of Del Rey's tattoo and revealed that the reasoning behind the tattoo was because "[my son] Angelo is my paradise." [1]

The "Angelo" tattoo Edit

At some point, Adele also had her son's name, Angelo, tattooed on her right hand. It was first noticed when Adele appeared at the Glastonbury Festival in 2015. Adele later told Rolling Stone that the tattoo went with her "paradise" tattoo because "Angelo is my paradise." [1]


References Edit

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