Queen of the Grammys, Adele, has been nominated for yet another Grammy award. Her record label submitted "Skyfall" for three Grammy Awards this year: Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Song Written for Visual Media. While she got snubbed with the Song of the Year award, it was not expected for her to receive Record of the Year due to the release date of "Skyfall", which barely fit into the time range necessary for pieces of work nominated. Regardless, Daydreamers were overjoyed when Adele was nominated for Best Song Written for Visual Media. While some were disappointed that she wasn't nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance (which she was the first recipient of in 2012 with "Someone Like You" and continued her streak of being the only recipient of the award last year with a live version of "Set Fire to the Rain"), we were told that because she was nominated for Best Song Written for Visual Media, she was unable to be nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance again. Thankfully, it seems like this could be Adele's tenth Grammy win, as she practically has no competition. Adele, who is highly favored by the Grammy committee, is up against the likes of Coldplay, Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat, Jessie J, and Lana Del Rey, is expected to win yet another award for her Oscar-winning Bond theme. We are incredibly happy for Adele and hope that she wins! 

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