Well, Daydreamers.... There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel after all. While we haven't heard anything about new music yet, today has been a good Labor Day for Adele fans. THREE new audios leaked online today. Yesterday, a snippet of an unreleased song titled "You'll Never See Me Again" leaked online, and it was later revealed that there was a promo CD on Discogs that showed "You'll Never See Me Again", "Never Gonna Leave You", and "Set Fire to the Rain" as the track listing. The CD was titled Fraser T. Smith Sessions. Soon after, I discovered that "You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You" appear on Fraser T. Smith's BMI, although they don't appear under Adele's because she is incorrectly credited as "Adele Watkins". Regardless, soon after word of these new songs hit the Internet, the demo for "Set Fire to the Rain", as well as the full vesions of "You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You" leaked online.

Originally, Adele's fans believed that XL Recordings leaked the songs to generate hype for new music, however, XL has been doing everything in their power to delete the tracks from YouTube, as their leak is creating a bit of a problem for the label because "You'll Never See Me Again" is already getting radio airplay. While most of us are aware by now that this is NOT from Adele's next album, these songs are the first new music we've heard from her since 2012's "Skyfall". 

Needless to say, even if Adele and her label aren't happy with the leak, the Daydreamers are thrilled and are hopeful that this will get them through until new music is released.

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