Okay, guys.... Before you all get excited, keep in mind that we don't have all of the details yet. What we have been told so far, however, is probably some of the most exciting news you have heard in a long time, though: Adele's new album is (supposedly) ready for release.

As one of the Daydreamers on ATRL pointed out today, Amazon Italy has put what is rumored to be Adele's hugely anticipated third album, rumored to be titled 25, up for pre-order online. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not this is true, but what we do know is that Adele has been working on the album in LA, where she finished writing and recording her last album, 21. Adele previously teased that the album would be titled 25 in a cryptic Tweet on her birthday last year in which she hinted that she would release the album by the end of the year, however, later reports implied that the album was delayed. According to music industry insider Paul Moss, the album was registered with an expiration date for June 2015, meaning that she has to release it before then. Although Adele has yet to comment on the album itself (other than statements that she was about to begin work on it following the Golden Globes and Oscars), it has been teased by several of her collaborators on the album, including Ryan TedderPaul EpworthDiane Warren, Phil Collins, and Emile Haynie. Both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have also been rumored to be attached to the project, although this also has yet to be confirmed.

We will keep you updated on whether or not 25 is officially coming, but based on the fact that it is available for pre-order (assuming this is the real deal), it's safe to say that the new album will see the light of day very soon. 

Update: Two more Italian sites have put the album up for pre-order: 

Update #2: Following some reports from news outlets on the appearance of the album in an Amazon store, it was removed, unlike previous albums that proved to be fake, such as one titled 23. This has led to speculation (and possible confirmation) that Adele will, in fact, be releasing an album very soon.

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