For once in a long time, I actually enjoyed a performance from American Idol... A lot.

In a performance deemed by many as the best Idol performance of all time – that's 12 whole seasons worth of performances right there, and Glover's was chosen as the best of the entire show. I'd say that's pretty damn good.

Anyways... Glover's "song that she wishes she had written" (the theme for this week's episode) was "Lovesong", originally performed by The Cure, but she did Adele's version. And let me tell you... It was incredible. I was fighting back tears at the end of the performance. It was truly spectacular. It sounded like the record. It did not sound live at all. That's how good it was. Adele would be very proud. In fact, it might be better than Adele's version...... Nah, Adele's is #1, but Glover is a close second. She is unbelievably gifted, and this performance has left many saying she will go on to win the competition.

If you think I'm crazy, see for yourself below. Make sure to vote for her tonight on Idol if you like her enough and think she should go on to next week in the show!

Candice Glover Performs "Lovesong" - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 1202:40

Candice Glover Performs "Lovesong" - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

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