Hello, Daydreamers. This is just copied from my post on the forums on Adele's official website. Please take the time to read it. Thank you so much.

Hi, all.

I'm not going to make this real lengthy, but all I want to say is that, basically, what this is is a few photos of my Adele collection (as of today, June 15) and a letter to her to thank her. I highly doubt she will acknowledge it, but I want her to see it to know how much she means to me. And I figured it's worth a try. I've written to her several times, Tweeted to her, contacted her label, and have basically tried every possible method to contact her, and I haven't succeeded yet, unfortunately. But I'm hoping that will change.

For a few years, I've been hunting down promo CDs, various album editions, vinyl records, etc. Anything Adele that I could get my hands on. I've spent thousands of dollars and a countless amount of time, but I've finally completed the collection (for now, at least). I added my constantly-growing magazine/book/documentary collection to it too because... Well, why not? But anyways, I did this, not because i expect acknowledgment, but because I want Adele to know that I did this for her to thank her because she's changed my life forever.

If you want to know why, you can just read the letter in the Tweet, but basically, if you guys want to help me out, just favorite/retweet this: You can see pictures of my collection and my rather lengthy letter to Adele in the Tweet.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this, and to Adele, if she ever sees this, thank you again for inspiring me so much! I love you more than words can express.

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