Another update on Adele's third studio album. Richard Russell, who owns Adele's record label, XL Recordings, recently did an interview with the BPI (British Recorded Music Industry). Of course, the main topic of discussion was Adele's third studio album, rumored to be titled 25 following a cryptic Tweet posted earlier this year. So, what did he have to say about the album? Well, BPI took to Twitter to give fans updates, and remarked that everyone in the room was pressing for Adele's next album release date. Fans across the world took to Twitter to further press for information. BPI retweeted several of the Tweets, but did not respond until they came across a question from one of our administrators, Ichinaru19, that was on everyone's minds: "What was his response?"

Unfortunately, they didn't reveal anything new. Their response was: "He said only Adele knows". This information is far from new, being that Adele's "Rumour Has It" and "Turning Tables" collaborator Ryan Tedder previously stated that only Adele knows when the project, which Phil Collins, Paul Epworth, Diane Warren, and Tedder have all been confirmed to be attached to, will be released. Although some fans were disappointed with his response, he did offer his opinion on the material he has heard. He confirmed that what they have heard so far sounds "exciting". 

So, Daydreamers, while we don't have any major updates on her new music yet, some people do think that the fact that only Adele knows when it will be released could be hinting at a Beyoncé-style surprise release (it was previously reported Adele would be surprise releasing the album, similar to Beyoncé surprise-releasing her self-titled fifth studio album at the end of 2013). Many have remarked that Adele is the only one capable of pulling off a surprise release, although the CEO of Columbia Records (the record label that distributes Adele's music in the US) confirmed she wouldn't be surprise-releasing. Regardless of how the music is released, though, we just know that we need it soon, and hopefully we will have new music by the end of the year. 

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