Yes, Daydreamers, I know. After the Golden Globes, Grammys, and Oscars happened this year, the rest of it went by really slowly. Well, we won't have to wait much longer. With Ryan Tedder recently confirming Adele's new album is being worked on and Paul Epworth supposedly leaking a picture of her band in the studio onto Twitter and Instagram, we have definitely heard a lot, but nothing from Adele. Well... According to the official Lebanese Radio Charts, "The new #Adele single is about to be released!!". (Source: Yes, Daydreamers, this is really happening. While Adele has yet to confirm this, the source is reliable, and I don't think they would post that without knowing for sure. It's official, people, get ready to be slayed! And we thought Lady Gaga was gonna take back the radio in 2013..... HA!! No... Adele is coming to slay us again! We are unsure of when the single will be released, but if it is coming as soon as the Lebanese Radio Charts are predicting, we should definitely stay tuned. It will most likely be out by the end of this month, although Adele is going to have to do some confirming of this so people know about it.

Are you ready for Adele's new single?

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