Daydreamers have been waiting for over four years to hear that Adele has finally finished recording her forthcoming third studio album, rumored to be titled 25. Now, after months and months of waiting, we supposedly have real confirmation that new music is coming.

Last month, Naughty Boy claimed that record labels were clearing their schedules in September to avoid clashing with Adele, who was supposedly releasing the same month. As of right now, it appears that Naughty Boy was wrong and that we may have a few more months to wait, but we should definitely have new music by the end of the year. 

Hits Daily Double  reports that Adele has finished writing and recording songs for her new album and that is in the process of being mixed at a recording studio in Hollywood right now, adding that "those who have been permitted to hear it say it's as brilliant as hoped." 20 songs are currently being mixed, with the next step being the song selection process because not all 20 songs will make the final cut. The publication warns that there is still a chance the album will not come this year, but that Adele's team is shooting for a pre-Thanksgiving release. 

If this is true, we are thrilled, becauuse that would mean that we should have a lead single very soon, and Adele might benefit from Black Friday and Christmas sales, assuming she releases close enough to Thanksgiving. Although it still remains to be seen, Hits Daily Double is one of the most reliable music publications in the industry and appears to have inside sources, unlike a lot of other publications. 

Hopefully we will have new music from Adele very soon!

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