Well, Daydreamers, it seems as though the wait for new music is almost over. Today, music industry insider Paul Moss posted the registration code for Adele's new album, which we previously reported had been registered without a title and could be released anywhere from now until June of 2015. When asked where 25 (the album's rumored title) was, Paul responded with what was listed, presumably through SoundScan, as he works for a PR company connected to SoundScan, the company that deals with charts and sales and whatnot for the music industry.

It first reads "ADELE LP (14 15)"; this is referring to the release year of the album, which will be either 2014 or 2015. Although it has yet to be determined, it was previously stated that XL Recordings was saying a January 2015 release would be most likely for the album in case they weren't pleased with the final product; it would also stick with her usual release schedule, as her first two albums 19 and 21 were released in January as well.

As you continue to read, though, the code expands beyond just an LP release, it seems. "ADELE DS (O-14)" follows the LP release information. We can assume that "DS" stands for digital single, and what is in parentheses is the release date. Therefore, it appears that Adele will be releasing a new single in October (assuming the "O" stands for October) of 2014. Paul previously confirmed via Twitter that a lead single would be expected later this year if all went well, and it seems as though it's been made official. Although Adele is said to be the only one to know anything about when the album is coming out, it does appear that she has an approximated date set for when she would like the lead single out.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed by her team, Paul Moss is a very reliable source (he previously confirmed "Skyfall" and Adele Live in London with Matt Lauer before anyone else knew about them). Given the previous information we have received, though, this would make sense. Previously, Adele has released lead singles in fall ("Hometown Glory" was released independently in October of 2007, "Rolling in the Deep" was originally released in November of 2010, and "Skyfall" was released in October of 2012). Therefore, while it seems as though a full-length album won't be released until early next year, we will definitely be getting a new single in the next few months!

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