Hello, all! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, for those of you who live in the US and celebrated Independence Day yesterday. 

If you've been craving more Adele, say no more. She kicks off the North American leg of her tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota tonight! Start checking Periscope for streaming links; she should be going on stage very soon! In the meantime, based on fan videos from her soundcheck tonight, we're told that she will be switching up the setlist a little bit from the European leg of her tour. She rehearsed "I'll Be Waiting" tonight, a song that she has not performed since the Adele Live tour back in 2011, with the exception of her Glastonbury appearance last month (which, might I add, was AMAZING). 

And in light of her arrival to Minnesota, state governor Mark Dayton officially proclaimed today to be "Adele Day." Wow—that's kind of a big deal. Needless to say, Americans are helping her start off her tour right by welcoming her with open arms. We're so proud of her and are wishing her the best as she kicks off her US tour tonight!

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