Hi, guys! We have some exciting news for everyone today.

A few weeks ago, photographer Matthew Castle tweeted about a new magazine cover featuring Adele that would have "official news attached." FuseTV's senior web producer Mark Sundstrom retweeted this, further validating the information. Being that this was right after we got the announcement from Hits Daily Double that 25 was being released on November 20, everyone was thrilled, assuming that this would probably be how Adele would announce the album.

And now, Matt has come through again. He tweeted to Daydreamer Angela Foster that, although the cover had been delayed, the magazine that will have the exclusive on Adele's new album is... Rolling Stone! Adele has previously graced the cover of Rolling Stone three times (twice in the US and once in Brazil). We are sure she will look as flawless as ever, and we are super excited to hear what she has to say about the new album! 

Until then, we still have three covers to admire....

Update: We have just been informed that the next issue of Rolling Stone will be released on October 23, so it is plausible to state that that is when we can expect Adele's magazine cover (and her official statement regarding new music) to drop!

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