Hello everyone! I just thought I should give you an update on the results of the American Music Awards last night, and don't worry - they certainly were not a disappointment! :) Adele was one of the biggest winners of the night, winning a total of three awards. Adele had one for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist (beating out Lady Gaga AND Katy Perry), Favorite Pop/Rock Album for 21 (beating out Rihanna's Loud and Born This Way from Lady Gaga), and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (beating out Katy Perry and Bruno Mars). Unfortunately, Adele lost out the biggest award of the night - Artist of the Year, but it was for a good cause. Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year, beating out Adele, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, AND Lady Gaga, so I would like to congratulate Taylor Swift for all of her astonishing musical accomplishments. I'd also like to thank Kanye West for not stopping her acceptance speech this year! ;) Oh wait, that was the VMAs... My bad! :) Anyways, congrats to Taylor Swift - I truly do think she deserved it - and all the other big winners of the night, including Adele!

And in other news, the wiki also has a new Favicon - courtesy of me! :) It's hard to read, but it is a small image of the 21 CD. The actual CD, you know??? Anyways, just thought you should know if you're confused! :) And yes, it does say "21" on it! :)

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