Hello, everyone. :) Today is December 1st, and that means that we are officially starting up our Christmas With Adele feature again, so... Welcome. :) After the success we had with it last year, we thought we would continue the tradition, so... Here's a recap of what you might have missed last year:

  • In Week 1, the Wikia Content Team finished re-designing the Wiki, and we provided a Christmas-themed interview with Adele that we found online.
  • In Week 2, I posted videos of live performances from Live at the Royal Albert Hall and other live venues in order to promote Live at the Royal Albert Hall, which was a hot holiday gift for Adele fans last year.
  • For Week 3, we voted on the 21 Best Adele Songs... So Far.
  • For Week 4, we tallied up the votes from the previous week and confirmed that "Someone Like You" was voted #1 best Adele song so far, with 17 votes, followed by "Set Fire to the Rain" with 7 votes, and "Rolling in the Deep" with 3. "I'll Be Waiting", "Rumour Has It", "Lovesong", "Don't You Remember", "Right As Rain", "One and Only", and "Chasing Pavements" also made the top 10, each having one vote (except for "I'll Be Waiting", which had 3 votes, and "Rumour Has It", which had 2 votes). "Many Shades of Black" and "Make You Feel My Love" also received one vote. None of the other songs received any votes. We also posted the Adele Wiki's holiday card designed on the Holiday Card Wiki, which was a big thing last year. Then, to finish it up, we counted down the top 3 Adele items that any die-hard fan must have for Christmas... The "Rolling in the Deep" T-Shirt sold exclusively on her website came in at #3, Live at the Royal Albert Hall came in at #2, and 21 came in at #1.

Now, anyways... Again, welcome to the 2nd Annual Christmas With Adele featurette. To start it off this time, we have a lot of exciting things to announce:

  1. This is not so exciting.... We are very sorry to announce that no confirmation has been made of 21's re-release, after speculation it would be re-released with new songs during the Christmas season. It can be assumed that it won't be re-released then....
  2. Christmas supposedly will mark the return of Adele to the music business - after taking a short hiatus due to the birth of her son, a friend of hers has confirmed that she will continue work on her third album after Christmas.
  3. We want to congratulate Adele, because... 21 was just certified Diamond in the United States!!!

Okay, now to the Wiki news...

We are planning on re-designing the Wiki's main page in the next couple days, so stay tuned for that. We are planning on putting digital Christmas lights and possibly a digital Christmas tree! We may also decorate the logo, but we're not sure yet. (And by we, I mean me!)

And to finish up this first blog post for Christmas With Adele, I thought you guys would enjoy the Christmas version of "Rolling in the Deep":

Underneath the Tree Remix to Adele's Rolling in the Deep03:21

Underneath the Tree Remix to Adele's Rolling in the Deep

Update: I also wanted to make you all aware of the change in templates - I have recently made some major changes to the templates for songs, albums, and music videos, so feel free to check them out and let us know how you feel about them!

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