Hello, Daydreamers! :) It's that time of the year again... Christmas With Adele is back!

I know there are a few newbies here, so... For those of you who don't know, Christmas With Adele is an annual thing we do every year around Christmastime. Every week, I post a new blog that relates to Adele and/or Christmastime up until Christmas Day. Sometimes, I'll post rare videos, trivia, or other fun games. The Christmas With Adele feature is pretty big, so this year I'm hoping to top last year's.

For the first week of Christmas With Adele 2013, it'll primarily be a recap of previous years, but first... We do have some important business to tend to. One of our traditions every year is to put up a Christmas tree on our main page. Not literally, but every year, we pick a new .GIF image of a Christmas tree to put on our main page. This year will be a bit different, though, because this year we're allowing the community to vote on the tree used for the main page! From now until tomorrow – December 2nd – you can vote for your favorite Christmas tree by posting in the comments below! Remember... To see the trees in full action, click the images! Due to coding issues, we were unable to get them to animate on their own, so you have to click them to do it. Thanks!

Here are the options:


To finish up this first week's blog post, here are links to previous years' Christmas With Adele blogs:

Year 1

Year 2

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