Hello from the other side, Daydreamers!

My apologies for the delayed blog post, but I've been very busy with finals and the holiday coming up, so I haven't been able to check the site until now. Anyways... Welcome back to week 2 of Christmas With Adele!

Just a friendly reminder to please email us if you want to win a free digital copy of Adele's new album, 25! Forgot the guidelines? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Simply email us at by December 24 telling us why you love Adele. No word limit, and few requirements. All you've gotta do is convince us that you love Adele more than any of the other contestants and you win! Your entry will be viewed by a group of judges, and the winner will be chosen and verified by Christmas Day, so that you will have the new album to listen to immediately. But time is running out, Daydreamers! Please hurry if you want to take part in this special offer!

In other news... Adele performed on The X Factor tonight and absolutely SLAYED a live performance of her latest single, "Hello." Check it out here!

For this week's game, due to time constraints, I unfortunately had to use another Daydreamer's game, but it's great for this year's theme and coincides with our 25 Days of 25. The task at hand? Name the lyrics to Adele's hit single, "Hello." Are you up for the challenge? Play the game here!

And to top of the week, we have some pictures found on social media that we found very fitting for Christmas With Adele. Apparently Adele is a popular Christmas tree topper this year!

Happy holidays, Daydreamers!

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