Hello, guys! Terribly sorry for the long wait AGAIN, but finals and the holiday have left me very busy and I haven't had time to post. This is a very belated post for week 3 of Christmas With Adele

Firstly, as most of you US fans are aware, tickets for Adele's 2016 world tour went on sale last week for North American fans, and while many are not happy (over 10 million people tried to get tickets, with a very small percentage succeeding), a few of us lucked out and managed to get tickets (myself included). So... We are curious to know whether or not you guys got tickets. Please let us know below! 

In the spirit of Adele's tour announcement, this week's game has to do with Adele's recent concert at Radio City Music Hall, which aired on NBC last Monday, titled Adele Live in New York City. For those of you who missed it, you can check it out on NBC's website right now! (Just for the record, the highlight of the night was Adele's stunning performance of "When We Were Young," and her emotional cry afterwards in which she thanked her fans and said she wanted to come back and surprise us!) Anyways... To play this week's game, go here, and feel free to post your results below.

Also... Quick reminder to pick up Adele's new Time magazine cover, on stands December 28! Check out the cover below:


And don't forget to email us at by December 24 letting us know why you love Adele for a chance to win a free digital copy of Adele's new album, 25! Thanks, and happy holidays from all of us at the Adele Wiki!

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