Hey guys! I'm terribly sorry this is so late.... Here is Week 3 of Christmas with Adele. Due to time constraints, we have used someone else's quiz for this week's game. This week, the challenge is to name all of the lyrics to Adele's 2012 hit, "Skyfall". You can play the game here

Not only that, but we also have some exciting news! Adele has finally confirmed the name of her son to be Angelo. In a note to her good friend Elton John, apologizing for not being in attendance at his wedding, she not only said she would see him in 2015 (maybe at the Grammys, where she'll hopefully make her comeback?), but she also signed the note from herself, Simon, and Angelo. :) Although we had suspicions that his name was Angelo, this is the first time we have officially received a confirmation from Adele.

Anyways... I apologize again for the lack of excitement in the activities surrounding Christmas With Adele this year. Once Adele releases new music again (hopefully by next Christmas), we will have more to do for Christmas With Adele. Thank you guys for your love and support! Enjoy the game! See you in a few days with the final Christmas With Adele entry... and we have a special treat for you this time around! 

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