Hello, Daydreamers! As you all know, this is the final week for Christmas With Adele, and I would like to apologize because we weren't able to do a whole lot for it this year due to Adele practically doing nothing. We're not going to say next year will be better yet, because we said that last year thinking we'd have new music by now, and look where we're at.

In honor of our last week of Christmas With Adele, however, we do have a Christmas present to all of the fans, courtesy of Daydreams, a fellow Daydreamer that I'm friends with through a music site called ATRL. On their Tumblr are the rare demos for "My Same" and "Daydreamer", songs taken from her debut album, 19. These are two of the rare demos that originally got Adele signed to XL Recordings. The "My Same" demo had previously been on YouTube, however, I believe the version we have for you is in higher quality. If you're craving new Adele music and the leaks of "You'll Never See Me Again", "Never Gonna Leave You", and the "Set Fire to the Rain" demo aren't cutting it for you, we have two more previously unreleased Adele tracks for you to make your season bright. You can listen to the demos for "My Same" and "Daydreamer" here

Thank you all for another wonderful year. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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