Hello, Daydreamers! Now, as you know, every December, the Adele Wiki does their annual Christmas With Adele blog posts. If you don't know what we're talking about, allow me to explain....

The Christmas With Adele feature is an annual thing we do at the Adele Wiki that combines Adele and Christmas into a fun feature for all members of the Wiki to partake in. Every week of December, a new post is added. It may consist of fun Adele games, trivia, rare videos, interviews, pictures, etc. Overall, it is very fun and all of the contributors who have taken part in it love it. We also decorate the Wiki as much as possible by adding .GIF images of light-up Christmas trees and Christmas lights to the main page to make the Wiki as a whole a bit more festive.

Last year, it was rather easy because the Wiki background and theme was black, white, and light green. This year, it will be a bit difficult because the teal used in the "Skyfall" theme on the Wiki doesn't really relate to Christmas. We need to start coming up with ideas now for the Christmas With Adele feature, though, so that when December 1st rolls around, we are ready.

In order to prepare for Christmas With Adele, we need ideas! We want to make this our best Christmas With Adele feature yet, and in order to do so, we need your ideas. What are some fun posts that we can do? Polls? Wiki themes? Main page decoration ideas? Anything that you want us to do for the Christmas With Adele feature this year, please let us know by Tweeting to us @AdeleWikia or commenting on the blog below. We need all the help we can get, and what better way to make this as perfect as possible than to get input from the fans and contributors. It would mean the world to us if you gave us some ideas.

In the meantime, here are previous Christmas With Adele blog posts....

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