Merry Christmas, Daydreamers! Now, before you freak out, let me just clarify that this has yet to be confirmed. It is simply a rumor, as is any other information we receive until Adele or someone linked with the project confirms it, but... RFM France (the French radio station that first diffused "Skyfall" worldwide) revealed that Adele's third studio album will be released in April 2014. This is just a rumor, but if you take into account previous reports, it would make sense, as Adele originally planned to have it out in mid-2014, according to various reports. If you don't believe us, see this screenshot posted below:

Adele april 2014

Keep in mind that this is still only a rumor. But it's a bit of reassurance to make your holidays a little brighter. Adele is working on new music. Ryan Tedder has already confirmed that. And Adele previously stated she wanted it out by 2014. We are positive 2014 will be the year, which means this New Year's, we will have more than just a new year to celebrate. We can celebrate the fact that the second year of Adele is upon us. Anyone else excited to possibly hear from Adele next year? :) 

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