Today is a very important day. :) It's Adele's 25th birthday! I have one simple request for you guys today on her birthday, though. If you have a Twitter or Instagram or anything, send out a message to @officialadele wishing her a happy birthday with the hashtag #happybirthdayadele. We want to make this a really special birthday for Adele.

And in honor of her birthday, we are listing 25 random Adele facts that you probably don't know:

  1. Adele is a natural ginger. Yes, it's true, at one point she was even quoted as saying she would never date another ginger unless it were Prince Harry. We can assume that judging by Adele's wonderful sense of humor, this was just a joke, right?
  2. Adele's first song she ever performed live was "Daydreamer". In 2007, Adele performed it on Jools Holland and amazed everyone in the room by the time it was finished.
  3. Adele's eye color is green. Many people think her eyes are blue, but they are actually a beautiful shade of green.
  4. Adele is a total dog person. Adele loves dogs; one of her best friends is her adorable and sweet little daschund, Louie (named after Louis Armstrong), and she plans to get another daschund eventually and name her Ella after Ella Fitzgerald.
  5. Adele has a half-brother named Cameron. Ironically, despite being very closely related to her father, Adele and half-brother, Cameron Evans, are very close.
  6. Adele has a fear of flying. Because of this, she is also quoted as saying she has a fear of becoming a drug addict.... Well... Sort of. In an interview, she stated, "I am probably the worst flier. I don't take anything because I'm scared I'll be the next Lindsay Lohan, popping sleeping pills. Plus I don't want to be out of it if the plane crashes. I want to be aware and call my mum."
  7. Adele is supposedly Christian. Although Adele has never confirmed her religious beliefs, research has shown that her last name would indicate Christian roots, and she has even referred to God in some of her lyrics, including "One and Only" ('God only knows why it's taken me so long'), "Turning Tables" ('God only knows what we're fighting for'), and "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" (the title kind of implies everything). She was also seen wearing crosses on her neck at some of her shows, according to some websites. She has even stated that her grandfather, John, was someone she painted like a "Jesus figure" in her life. To further add to the speculation, she is very much against the sexualized music industry.
  8. Adele's biggest musical influence was Etta James. She has called her her "favourite singer", and in addition to this, is inspired by the likes of Beyoncé (who portrayed James in a movie and was also inspired by her) and The Spice Girls, among numerous others.
  9. Adele's favorite color is green. Ironically, though, she prefers to wear black most of the time.
  10. Her song "Tired" has incorrectly been deemed a single from 19 by many. At one point, a Wikipedia user even added information to the article on 19 stating that "Tired" was released as a single exclusively in Spain.
  11. Her song "Someone Like You" is the most legally downloaded song of all-time in the UK. Clearly, "Someone Like You" had quite an impact on the UK! They not only deemed it the most legally downloaded song of all-time in the UK, but also voted it third most favorite single of the past 60 years, and deemed it one of the top songs to be played at a funeral.
  12. According to Billboard, "Someone Like You," was the first piano-and-vocal-only ballad to top the Hot 100 chart since its founding in 1958. Honestly, this is pretty incredible, considering other songs released by artists such as Elton John.
  13. 21 was honored with exactly 31 pounds, 8 ounces of Grammys, a weight equal to 20 dozen eggs, four gallons of water or exactly one young emperor penguin. This might not even be the greatest feat that this album has received!
  14. Adele has an alter ego named Sasha Carter. She is composed of Beyoncé's "Sasha Fierce" and June Carter. Some reports suggest the alter ego was created to help Adele combat her stage fright.
  15. In 2013, Adele was rumored to be recording a swing duet with Robbie Williams. Despite being friends with both Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, the duet was denied by Robbie Williams, who states that as of right now they are just friends.
  16. In 2012, Adele, who was unable to record a music video for "Set Fire to the Rain", used the live performance of the song from Live at the Royal Albert Hall, as the official music video. She did the same for "Turning Tables".
  17. The music video for her song "Cold Shoulder" was deemed her wackiest music video yet. Despite this, it's still pretty normal being compared to music videos released by the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry.
  18. Adele loves tea. She would constantly drink it on tour and even invited her band and friends to drink some with her as she got ready for her performances, especially during the Adele Live tour.
  19. Both of Adele's tours were cancelled. In 2008-2009, the remainder of the 'An Evening with Adele' tour was cancelled, supposedly over a boy, which received a negative response from the British press, although it paid off, as eventually the relationship failed and made one of the most successful records, 21. While touring for this record, Adele dealt with several vocal and throat problems, including a vocal hemorrhage that eventually caused her to cancel the remainder of the tour.
  20. Adele loves movies and her favorite actor is Al Pacino. Despite this, when asked if she would ever act, she said she couldn't act, although she did act a little in her cameo appearance during an episode of Ugly Betty.
  21. Her first public singing performance ever was at a school talent show, where she performed Gabrielle's "Rise". Her mom even dressed her up like Gabrielle - eyepatch, sequins, and all.
  22. The Thomas Gold Remix of "Set Fire to the Rain" was officially approved by Adele and her record label. Adele actually loved the Thomas Gold remix of the song despite not liking most remixes.
  23. In 2012, it was rumored that 21 would be re-released around Christmastime with previously unreleased tracks, but it turns out, Adele hates re-releases. Despite this, she did release deluxe editions of both 21 and 19, although technically, these aren't re-releases.
  24. Adele is rumored to be getting married this summer to beau Simon Konecki. We hope she is; Adele has supposedly never been happier, and when Adele's happy, we're happy. :)
  25. Some reports claim there is a potential feud between Jennifer Hudson and Adele. Although Adele and Jennifer Hudson appeared to be very friendly with one each other when they both appeared on VH1 Divas, supposedly, Jennifer Hudson called Adele out for her weight and tried to convince her to join Weight Watchers (which Hudson is a spokesperson for) at the Grammy Awards. Although Adele was very gracious about it, friends claim she was fuming on the inside.

Thanks for reading, and happy birthday, Adele! :)

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