According to the World Music Awards' Twitter account, Adele has confirmed a world tour in support of her third studio album25. Although it was reported for months that Adele would be touring in 2015 in support of her third album (rumored to be titled 25 after a cryptic message posted via Twitter earlier this year). The World Music Awards' Twitter account is verified, and Adele has been nominated for several World Music Awards in the past few years, however, some fans claim that this is an unreliable source. Regardless of whether or not this is true, Adele did confirm last week that she will be touring in support of her third album when she contacted a fan and left her a note in which she acknowledged the third album and revealed that she will tour in Brazil when the album is released.

An incredibly talented artist known as Camilla Maximiano Tweeted some of her own drawings of Adele and her best friend, Laura Dockrill, a few months back and gained the attention of the pair; Adele loved the pictures and offered to send her a signed copy of 21 in exchange for a physical copy of the drawing. Last week, Camilla received a note from Adele, a signed copy of 21, and a picture of Adele holding the signed copy in what appears to be a recording studio. The note, which can be viewed here, included a hint that Adele will be touring in support of her next album:

Dear Camilla —

Thank you very much for the drawings. They really are wonderful, I will treasure them. I will be coming to Brazil with next record and I look forward to seeing you there...

Love, Adele xxx

The album is supposedly well underway, and fans should expect new music before January 2015, with a lead single planned for this year if all goes well. A world tour, which has been reported on numerous occasions, is expected to follow. We can only hope that she manages to embark on (and complete) a world tour being that her An Evening With Adele tour was cancelled for personal reasons, and the Adele Live tour was cancelled due to her vocal hemorrhage back in 2011. Hopefully we can expect some new music soon!

Update: It has been confirmed that there is no truth in the rumors the World Music Awards started. The album has not yet been finished and no tour is being worked on as of now.

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