Before I continue, please note that this is pure speculation and none of this has been confirmed yet.

Adele hasn't released an album since 2011 with 21, and after a cryptic Tweet earlier this year implying that she would be releasing her third studio album, 25, before the end of the year, fans were disappointed when her label XL Recordings confirmed in a financial report that no new release from Adele was scheduled for this year. What some are suggesting, though, is that the reasoning for this is that XL is no longer her record label.

Last month, it was reported that Adele was in negotiations to leave her current record label, XL Recordings, for Sony. The reported £80 million deal would give Adele her own record label and give her the opportunity to embark on a world tour. The source went on to emphasize how desperately Sony wanted Adele, and how they would stop at nothing to get her. Whether or not this is true is debatable, however, this rumor (unlike many other rumors published about Adele) actually makes sense. HITS Daily Double, which is normally an extremely reliable source of information, also hinted that Adele was in the process of leaving her record label. This is not the only information we have to support the idea that Adele may be leaving XL. 

Firstly, Adele's US record distributor, Columbia Records, is owned by Sony, so making the switch probably would not affect her relationship with her US record label unless she accepted Sony's offer to be given her own record label. Not only that, but one fan Tweeted in June of 2013 that they witnessed Adele entering the Sony building in New York. While this could be because Sony owns Columbia Records, it is also possible that she has been in conflict with XL for some time and has been trying to exit her contract after eight years with the label. Not only this, but being that Adele made such an obvious hint at new music before the end of the year with her Tweet on May 4 that we previously referenced, it is quite possible that Adele fully intended to release new music this year, but the album was pushed back due to conflicts with XL. 

This is just a theory that some of Adele's fans have pondered on. Nothing is confirmed yet, it is simply a possibility.

What do you guys think? Do you think she is leaving her record label, and do you think she should? Sound off in the comments below!

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