Yes, even more breaking news regarding new music for Adele.... Supposedly, MTV has confirmed that Adele, who is rumored to be working on her follow-up to 2011's record-breaking 21, is working on a duet with Canadian pop-rocker Avril Lavigne. The duet is rumored to be called "Mine".

Lavigne plans to drop her fifth studio album in September of this year, with possible plans to release a follow-up the year after due to her writing so many songs for this one that didn't make the cut. In the meantime, Adele's third album is expected to drop either at the end of 2013 or by mid-2014.

Now, there is some evidence that could help support the rumor surrounding Adele and Avril's collaboration. For one, back in June, Adele was seen several times in New York with her son; one of the times she was spotted while in New York (it is unknown if she is still in New York or not, but it can be assumed she is not) was taking her son into the Sony Building. So, how does this relate to Avril? Well, she is currently signed to Epic Records, which is owned by none other than Sony Music Entertainment. While this could be a mere coincidence, we have our doubts.

Anyways, Daydreamers and Little Black Stars (what Avril calls her fans) are confused as to whether or not this news is true, mainly due to the differences in music styles, vocal styles, etc. It just seems very unlikely. They have never mentioned they even know each other, so why would they be doing a duet? It seems quite fishy. Then again, ever since Adele has become such a big star, there has been a high demand for collaborations coming from everyone from Lady Gaga to Madonna to Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé to Big Sean, among numerous others. It seems like everyone wants to collaborate with Adele. Maybe Avril is a secret admirer of Adele, or vice versa?

Lavigne, who just leaked her new single "Rock N Roll" and plans to release it officially on July 30, 2013, to iTunes, has recently wed Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, who worked with her on the majority of her upcoming album. The album is rumored to be very pop / rock and upbeat, as opposed to her fourth studio album Goodbye Lullaby, which was very mellow, acoustic, and laid-back; a lot more like something Adele would do than what has been promised on Lavigne's upcoming album.

In the meantime, fans of the two singers are in a frenzy and are anxiously anticipating the rumored collaboration between two of pop music's biggest stars. Not much other information is currently available, though, as most news sources have remained pretty oblivious to this. Many Daydreamers and Little Black Stars have taken to Twitter to Tweet their opinions on this collaboration and try and get more information on it. One of the suspicions fans have is the fact that there is no article, video, Tweet, etc. from MTV that would verify the Tweet claiming MTV confirmed it. While this rumor is most likely false, what are your thoughts on a possible collaboration between Adele and Avril Lavigne? Do you think "Mine" will be a hit... if it is real? Let us know in the comments below. :)

Update: According to one fan's Tweet, the song will be included in Avril Lavigne's upcoming fifth album, which could mean new music by September! If it's real, that is.....

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