Now, Daydreamers, before you get too excited, please note that this is just speculation.

An article was published today featuring an interview with Ryan Tedder, best known for being the lead singer of the band OneRepublic, as well as a successful songwriter for artists like BeyoncéLeona Lewis, and Adele. After co-writing two tracks on Adele's last album, 21 ("Turning Tables" and "Rumour Has It", as well as producing the latter), he confirmed late in 2013 that he had completed his work on Adele's third studio album, recently confirmed to be titled 25 in a cryptic Tweet posted by Adele the night before her 26th birthday. Since then, Tedder has been dropping hints about the new album, which also was confirmed to be released later on in the year by Adele herself through her cryptic birthday Tweet. 

A recent interview would suggest that Tedder may have the lead single from 25, though. He was quoted as saying:

[...] The singles I have coming out in the next three months will make the last three months look silly.

The possibilities are endless here, because he said "singles" (plural). True, one of them could very likely be another OneRepublic single even though they just released their latest single, "Love Runs Out", but I don't think he will be releasing three singles from their album in the next three months, and he specifically mentioned writing for other artists directly before saying this. In addition to this, Adele, who is known for her secrecy and according to official sources linked with the project (including Ryan himself), plans to release it on her own terms (meaning she will release it when and how she wants, which could very well mean she will not give her record label any details on a forthcoming release, similarly to how Beyoncé released her latest self-titled studio album, which is well-known for being one of the first surprise album releases by a major recording artist). If this is the case, then an approximated date for the lead single (within the next three months) is very possible.

Don't quote me on this, but I believe at the moment the only two singles that could be released that would really be that earth-shattering would be either Adele's lead single or Taylor Swift's lead single. Yup, that's right, Ryan Tedder is working with both Adele AND Taylor Swift, who many fans expect will go head-to-head in album sales this year if they release around the same time like they are expected to. They may also go head-to-head at the Grammy Awards if they receive Album of the Year nominations for the 2015 ceremony (assuming they are released within the eligibility period). And Taylor Swift is believed to be releasing in the fall of 2014, while a release date has yet to be determined for 25. This means that it is VERY likely (but not yet confirmed) that the lead single from 25 could be out within the next three months, which would make sense if Adele plans to release the album this year. 

Get ready, Daydreamers. It sounds like Adele is coming back stronger than ever. 

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