Good news, Daydreamers. It seems as though after four-and-a-half years of waiting for a new Adele album, the wait might finally be over.

According to British musician Naughty Boy, record labels are clearing their schedules because Adele is releasing in September, and none of them want their artists' releases to flop as a result of Adele's success. Naughty Boy, who has worked with Emeli Sandé, also revealed that she is one of many artists delaying their releases to accommodate Adele's sudden decision to release in September:

[Adele and Emeli Sandé] can't go against each other. Nobody wants to. Adele's album is coming in September and labels have cleared their schedules because they know it's going to wipe the floor. Emeli's album is coming out next year now. It sounds amazing.

Naughty Boy was previously rumored to be working with Adele, but even if he hasn't worked with her, he does work in the music industry, and that many record labels would not be clearing their schedules for a release as big as the follow-up to 21 if it were merely a rumor.

In addition to this, some people have also suggested that this is a plausible time for her to release, as it would just make the deadline for the eligibility period for the Grammys, and it would be near the end of the Apple Music free trial period, which, according to Hits Daily Double, is one of the factors that was taken into consideration by Adele's team while they were discussing the album's potential release date. The very credible site mentioned it in an article on Friday:

It appears that everyone in the industry is wondering how big a boost the release of Adele’s next album later this year will give the business as a whole, and what part Apple Music will specifically play in the rollout. But some in the U.K. question whether Adele’s album will make it before the end of the year. For now, manager Jonathan Dickins and the rest of Adele’s team are keeping a close watch on how the new platform impacts the market; this release is so important that they want to make sure all the planets are perfectly aligned before they push the button. Additionally, a number of other big acts and their labels are believed to be scrutinizing the impact of Apple Music on the marketplace as they try to figure out how to play the new-release game.

Although we still have yet to receive official word from Adele on whether or not the new album (rumored to be titled 25) will truly be released in September, it's safe to say that September is looking more and more like the month that we will finally have a new album from Adele. And if that's the case, it is also possible we could have a new Adele single by the end of the month or sometime next month. Fingers crossed that new music is on its way soon!

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