Okay, Daydreamers. Given the insane amount of disappointment we've dealt with lately as a result of trolls claiming to have information regarding new Adele music, this should be taken lightly, but there is a possibility that we will have new music in the next month. Sizwe Dhlomo, the presenter / producer of The Official African Chart on MTV Base and Creative Director / Presenter of South Africa’s biggest weekly music TV show, LIVE, has supposedly confirmed that she will be back in the next month.

Today, via Twitter, he confirmed that Adele and Drake both will be making a comeback soon: "Adele, Drake, all in the next few months. Soundscan is about to get violated in a major way!" He then added, "That's right, we will have new Adele music from Adele to the next month." Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but he is an official in the music industry, so there is a possibility he is speaking the truth.

However, that remains to be seen. Some fans have speculated that she will make a comeback performance at the MTV VMAs, which are typically held between late August to mid-September. Fingers crossed that this is true and that we will have new Adele music soon!

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