Hello Daydreamers! Happy Thanksgiving! We hope all is well.

We have a brief news wrap-up from this week. Not only did we get some more (minor) details regarding Adele's third studio album (reportedly called 25), but we also found out that Adele has sold a crapload more copies of her record-breaking sophomore studio album 21 this year.

First things first. We are proud to announce that according to Media Traffic, 21 has sold approximately 456,000 copies worldwide this year alone. Since its release in 2011, it is estimated to have sold approximately 30 million copies, making it one of the best-selling albums of all-time. It also spawned three number-one singles ("Rolling in the Deep", "Someone Like You", and "Set Fire to the Rain") and one top 20 single ("Rumour Has It"). Since its release, fans have been anxiously awaiting news of a new album from Adele, and three years later, still no new album. The only new material we've gotten was 2012's "Skyfall", the theme for the James Bond film of the same name. And although it was suggested by numerous sources (including a hint from Adele via Twitter earlier this year) that 2014 would see her return to the spotlight, her record label XL Recordings shot down these rumors, confirming that no new material would be released from Adele this year. Although it is unclear when she will again grace the world with her heavenly vocals, record label boss Richard Russell did give us an update on the album:

It takes the length of time that it takes to do and for it to be right. I’m really pleased with how it’s going. She’s always had a very high standard for what she does. She had that from day one, which is why the records have been so good.

What does this tell us? Well... She's still working on the album. However, her record label is pleased with where she's at right now. Considering the fact that XL expressed disappointment in the statement that Adele would not be releasing new music this year, if they are pleased, she must have made a significant amount of progress on it so far. Because details are so scarce with the new album, fans have remained unsure of what to believe and what not to believe regarding it whenever rumors circulate around the web. As of right now, we are hoping that 25 will be released next year at the latest, although only time will tell!

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