Yeah, Daydreamers, don't get your hopes up too high, but there is a very slight chance that Adele and Rihanna may be working on a new song together. The other day, Twitter went crazy with many Rihanna fans (to her, they are known as the 'Rihanna Navy', though) posting Tweets that claimed that a new Adele song featuring Rihanna was being released on September 28, entitled "Love Is Forever", as implied by the fact that the Tweets were finished with #LoveIsForever. Neither artist has commented on this, despite Adele posting another rare Tweet last night in support of rapper Kanye West when he appeared on Later... With Jools Holland.

So, what evidence do we have to support that this collab could be happening? Well, to begin.... Rihanna Tweeted this on September 11th: "Just left the studio... Recorded a #monster hook for one of my favorite artists! And that's all I can give you... #NavyShit". So... How does this help us? Originally, it was rumored that Rihanna would be replacing Azealia Banks on a song on Lady Gaga's upcoming album, Artpop. The #monster (a possible reference to Lady Gaga, who calls her fans "Little Monsters", has an EP entitled The Fame Monster, has a song entitled "Monster", and frequently uses the term and concept of monsters) although after a fan posted a picture of a supposedly "leaked" track listing for Artpop that claimed Rihanna would appear on it, Rihanna commented on the photo and denied it.

We do know that Adele and Rihanna are fans of each other, which would support the "favorite artist" comment Rihanna made. We also know that Rihanna supposedly recorded the track in London. Adele was also in London at that time, which could also support it. We are not 100% sure, but... We do know that it would be great to hear Adele's voice on a new track! 

Hopefully the rumors are true, because even though certain members of the Wiki (aka me and Ichinaru19, lol) are not big fans of Rihanna, any new Adele music would be great, especially if it's an Adele song that features another artist, because that means Adele's third studio album could be closer than we think..... :)

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