Okay, Daydreamers. I am going to be extremely delusional in this post, and please do not be disappointed if this is not true. At this point, it is only a rumor. But it's a good rumor, if it's true.

As most of you know, streaming is becoming huge for the music industry, and Apple has recently announced its own streaming service, Apple Music, which officially starts today, June 30. For those of you who don't know, here's a quick run-down, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Apple Music is a music streaming service by Apple. Users select music to stream to their device on demand. The service includes the curated Internet radio station Beats 1 and the blog platform Connect for artists to share media with fans. Apple Music provides music recommendations based on user taste and is integrated with Siri voice commands. The service was unveiled at the company's June 2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and is expected to launch for compatible iOS devices, iTunes for OS X and Windows, and the Apple Watch on June 30, 2015. It will also receive a release for Android devices later in 2015.
There was controversy surrounding it because during the first three months of the service, there will be a free trial for users, however, many artists complained because they weren't going to get paid during these three months. Many indie record labels, including Beggars Group, which owns XL Recordings, backed out of the deal initially for this exact reason, until Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple via her Tumblr expressing her concerns with the service, therefore ccausing them to revise the terms so that artists would be paid during the trial period. Beggars Group and XL, among other labels, have since agreed to the terms and will be a part of the Apple Music streaming service.

Now, today is the day. And in honor of the launch of Apple Music, throughout the week, several artists are alleged to be releasing new music throughout the service (I was originally told all of these releases would be tonight, but it was later clarified that this would be throughout the week, if it's true). A source that allegedly does marketing work for Beats Music leaked information regarding some of the releases, and one of them was none other than Adele. Yup, if what we are told is true, Adele is in fact one of the artists scheduled to release new music through Apple Music, and it could come as early as tonight. According to the source, Adele is scheduled to release an album through the service, while other artists, including Pharrell Williams (who worked with Adele on 25) and Kanye West, will be releasing singles through the service.

Whether or not this rumor is true remains to be seen, so don't get your hopes up, but there is a very slight possibility that we may have a new Adele album by the end of the week. If we're lucky. I will keep you updated as more information becomes available!

What do you think of Adele potentially releasing her album through Apple Music? Sound off in the comments below!

Update: One of the releases that our "source" confirmed was Pharrell's new single, "Freedom." Guess what just came out? Yup, Pharrell's new single, "Freedom." If they were right about that, chances are Adele is releasing after all. Supposedly the album is coming at midnight!

Update #2: Adele's official website was just updated. In the top right hand corner, where it said: "21: The New Album", it now just says: "21: The Album." This could indicate that she has a new album coming tonight!

Update #3: Unfortunately, it didn't come today. There's a slight chance we could get it later this week, but it sounds like the album will not be out before September, according to Hits Daily Double . We can only hope we have new music soon, though!

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