Don't get too excited, Daydreamers, but a recent rumor (cue "Rumour Has It") is suggesting that Adele'third studio album will be released in October. Why are we reporting on this after neglecting most of the other rumors surrounding the new music? Well, it was highly reported months ago that her record label confirmed they wanted the album out by fall, if not sooner. And another factor? Taylor Swift is also reportedly releasing in October, meaning that there will be some competition as far as sales go. We found this to be very interesting if it is true. In addition to this, if it was released in October, it would be past the deadline for eligibility for the Grammys, meaning the only work by her that could even be nominated would be the album's lead single possibly, and also meaning that the chances of her winning Album of the Year the following year will not be as good. 

In addition to this, the same article that claims this has also stated that Adele is planning a comeback gig at the Royal Albert Hall to promote the album, with her label hoping for her to follow up the gig with concerts in New York and Los Angeles. Conveniently, however, Adele's PR team was not available for comment, which means we won't know for sure.

The source supposedly claiming this information is a "friend" of Adele's, although with Adele, no information is reliable unless it comes from Adele or someone affiliated with her or the album. 

To read the full article, you can go here

So, what do you think, Daydreamers? Do you guys want her to release in October? When would be the ideal release date for her next album for you? And how do you think her first-week sales will do? Sound off in the comments below!

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